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How To: Change Themes on PS4

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Now that all bugs following the PS4 2.0 firmware appear to be settled down and access to the PlayStation Network is up and available it may now be time to try out one of the cool new features promised by the update – Changing the PS4 Theme.

To change your theme follow these steps:

From the PS4 HOME screen press up to access the top past of the menu where options including Notifications and Messages are located. From this menu select SETTINGS.

After the recent system update you will now find there is an option called THEMES which appears here.

With THEMES selected you will be presented with any themes that might already be on your PS4 console, however if you have none installed you will need to select FIND to access the PlayStation Store and find something you fancy and download following steps on screen. Be aware that some will be free to download, others will be paid content.

To activate your new theme follow the first steps to access the SETTINGS and THEMES where you can select your downloaded item, then just activate it. Bang! Customisation in a few simple steps!