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How to charge your BlackBerry twice as fast: With a BlackBerry Playbook charger

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We know that everyone is impatient when it comes to charging their smartphones. You should charge it overnight or for 6-8 hours, but we all wait for it to get somewhere near full and yank the charger out, desperate to continue using our gadgets.

But what if you could charge your phone fully in half the time? That would be an absolute joy, and we’ve always wondered why smartphone manufacturers haven’t developed something to charge phones quicker yet.

However, if you’re the owner of a BlackBerry smartphone then you’re in luck. The BlackBerry PlayBook is the first BlackBerry tablet device, and it uses the same type of charger as most BlackBerry smartphones – with a Micro USB connection.

Despite having the same type of connection, the charger that comes with the BlackBerry PlayBook is much more powerful, in order to charge up the larger battery found in the tablet. The PlayBook’s charger will output 1800 mA of power, compared to the regular BlackBerry charger which outputs just 70 mA.

Now, you’d think plugging in a much more powerful charger to your little BlackBerry would cause it to overheat and go into meltdown, but it won’t. Research in Motion, the people behind the BlackBerry name have confirmed several times recently that it is perfectly safe to use a PlayBook charger with a BlackBerry smartphone – and what’s more, it should charge your phone almost twice as fast!

So, all you’ll need is the mains charger from a BlackBerry PlayBook to juice up your BB faster than anyone else. If you’re fortunate enough to own a PlayBook then that’s great, but we’re sure many people don’t. Thankfully, you can pick up a spare PlayBook charger online for around £15 which is pretty reasonable, given the time you’ll spend waiting for your BlackBerry to charge up.

RIM says your BlackBerry may become warm while charging with a PlayBook charger (most phones heat up when charging anyway), but it’s nothing out of the ordinary and certainly not a worry.

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