Charlie Sheen blocking plug-in developed for Google Chrome

Had enough of the recent insanity (or genius..) of Charlie Sheen? You could be “Winning” with a recent plug-in created for Google Chrome which completely removes all mention of the fallen star from your web-browsing experience.

“I am battle tested bayonets”

It’s hard to log onto the world wide web lately without seeing or hearing of some recent rant or rambling from Sheen, who’s fall from grace has exposed him to every avenue of the internet from Facebook to YouTube, in regards to everything from defeating “earthworms” to the “rocket fuel” that lives in the tip of his “sabre”.

With this in mind, and following up from a popular anti-Justin Bieber application, New Yorker Greg Leuch has developed “Tinted Sheen” – an add-on for the Google browser which black bars the Vatican warlock assassin’s name from all search results and web content!

Unfortunately for many Google Chrome users, the plug-in does not remove all presence of Charlie Sheen, and currently only blocks out any appearance of his name. If you want to avoid him altogether you had better log offline for the foreseeable future..