Cheaper PS3 Announced by Sony

The new console generation is here. The Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One have been attracting almost all of the attention of late, but what’s to become of the previous console generation, such as the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, both of which are still active and seeing new game releases?

Well, after three iterations of the PS3 being released, the regular, slim and super slim models, Sony still hasn’t forgotten the console which some of the biggest games in the world have been released on.

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The Japanese company have announced a new, cheaper PS3 model, which should be in stores in time for Christmas, for those who want to take advantage of the console’s impressive lineup of games and online services.

The new model, model number CECH-4300C, comes with a 500GB hard drive and will be on sale in Japan for 25,980 yen, which translates to around £150 or $250 in the US, making it reasonably cheaper than current offerings of the PS3 brand new.

Sony is committed to bringing full support and continuation of new game releases to their previous console, as they did with the PS2, although they may not go as far as they did with the older console. The PS2 released in 2000 and continued to be produced right up until 2013, a staggering amount of time for the veteran console.

The Sony PS3 (left) and the new PS4 (right).

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However, discontinuation of some models of the PS3 have been announced, with Sony ending production of the 250GB and 500GB black PS3 models, as well as the 250GB white model. These models are still on sale at a higher price than the newly announced 500GB CECH-4300C model, which would be a better choice for gamers looking to get their hands on a brand new cheaper PS3.

There’s no word yet on whether the new model will be upgraded in any sort of way with regards to hardware, but it may be that the model has received some kind of update to its internals, potentially not anything major, but nonetheless either more modern or upgraded components.

It would be a nice gesture if the new model is updated for hardware longevity into the future, as the 2006 released console will one day be phased out completely. If the PS2 is anything to go by, we might still be seeing game releases for this cheaper PS3 well into or even after after 2016.


Via: Videogamer