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600,000 Macs Infected with Flashback.I Trojan Downloader

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It has been estimated that over 600,000 Macs around the world have recently been infected by a Trojan Downloader known as Trojan-Downloader:OSX/Flashback.I.

The exploit is a form of Malware which can be picked up unwittingly when browsing the web, and when in effect it will prompt the user for their administrator password. Should the password be entered, the Malware then looks to infect the system further. From here Flashback.I can then alter how certain webpages look, thus making it difficult for the user to find a way to fix the issue.

Thankfully there’s a fix for the problem, although it’s recommended for advanced or confident Mac users only. However, if you follow the guide carefully and to the tee, you should be able to complete it fully.

F-Secure’s guide will firstly allow you to find out if your Mac is infected, and if it is how to remove the infected files. We recommend all Mac users to follow the steps just to check if their system is affected, as many users can remain unaware of the infection.

To get the process started you’re going to need to fire up Terminal, which is where all following steps will take place. You’ll find Terminal by going into Applications followed by Utilities – once it’s open you’ll see a white box with a small amount of black text.

Once you’ve got that, head over to F-Secure’s page and follow the guide, but be careful!

F-Secure Removal Guide

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