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Chip-maker Intel partners with illusionist David Blaine in SHOCKING new stunt

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Having recently supplied the 2GHz Atom processing power behind the Motorola RAZR i, veteran chip-maker Intel’s next trick will be to aid the American illusionist David Blaine in his latest shocking feat of endurance, which starts in NYC this Friday.

After surviving being buried alive, spending three days frozen in an ice block and living inside a glass box above the Thames with nothing but water for 44 days, the street magician turned enigmatic illusionist will spend three days and three nights encased in a 12kg mesh suit and head piece inside a circle of seven current-carrying Tesla coils – each capable of packing a million volts of electricity and which will be controlled by Intel’s Ultrabook laptops.

These Ultrabooks will be user operated by members of the audience at selected locations worldwide including the Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, London. Those in control of the gadgets get to choose just how much of a jolt Blaine receives and there’s an opportunity to communicate with him whilst in the specially modified Faraday cage. Intel will also be providing an internet video feed for David’s fans (and sceptics) across the globe to witness this latest stunt via a special YouTube channel.

The showman speaks of his sponsorship with the processing company: “Intel is giving me the technology to perform the most daring and shocking thing I’ve ever done, and has created a way to bring millions of people on a global stage.”

And as for his thoughts on living through this latest death-defying stunt, Blaine says simply – “I have a chance of surviving.”

David Blaine will be electrified in New York from this Friday and the event will be broadcast exclusively through YouTube on the Ultrabook Experience Channel.

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