Google Chrome is probably the most customisable, and certainly the most complicated, web browser out there, featuring some of the easiest to use features, such as instant installation of external add ons, as well as some of the hardest, in built developer features and other web page analysis tools.

After all it is a Google product, and as we all know, Google means big tech, simple interface.

Anyway, in August a 64 bit version of Google Chrome surfaced as Chrome 37, which increased the browser’s speed at decoding videos online shown in HD. Handy. The update also made the browser much less likely to crash when rendering websites, as in translating the code portion of a website from HTML to screen output. On top of both those great additions, the browser is more receptive to hack attacks, it now can deter specific forms of hacking, plus Chrome 37 is faster and performs better under high load than before.

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Apple users can now benefit from the new Chrome 37, or Chrome 39 as it’s called on Mac, as said by Google in a recent blog post celebrating the move:

“In late August we released Chrome 64-bit for Windows, which brought benefits in speed, security and stability. We’re now bringing these benefits to OS X with Chrome 64-bit for Mac, version 39, due to be released in Nov 2014,”

Chrome should be available in 64 bit on your mac soon.

“Unlike on Windows, where Chrome is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit, on Mac, Chrome will only be available in 64-bit with version 39
and after.”

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The Chrome browser on Mac is usually updated whilst closed, so you should have to worry about getting the browser up to date with the new technology. If you haven’t closed Chrome in a while, some special colors should show whether your app needs updating. The Chrome logo will change colour if an update has been available for a certain period of time, changing to green if an update has been around for 2 days, orange for 4 days, and red for 7 or more days.

The update should hit your mac as soon as it’s ready, look out for those colour changes.

Source: Google

Via: Mac Rumors