Samsung and Acers Chromebooks are ready to go and have been put on pre-order on Amazon and best buy.

Both companies revisions of the chromebook are available  the Samsung Series 5 and the Acer Cromia. Both are available from Amazon and Best buy in the statesand the series 5 is availible from Amazon in the UK.

Altough the acer device is still listed as this device has not yet been released the Samsung series 5 will be in American hands on the 15th of June and in UK grasp on the 1st august

At the moment us British admirers can only pre-order the Arctic white version of the Series 5 for £399.99 for the Wi-Fi + 3G edition, £349.99 for Wi-Fi only. All of the Chromebooks can be ordered in the US, the Acer’s costing $449.99 (3G + Wi-Fi) and $379.99 (Wi-Fi), and the Samsung (in both colours, Arctic White and Titan Silver for $499.99 (3G + Wi-Fi) and $429.99 (Wi-Fi).