Cola Maker Pepsi To Release Smartphone


Expansion into the tech industry is widely considered to be the most lucrative option for anyone with vast amounts of capital at their exposure. Be it buying into new startups, or simply coming up with your own product, business giants are all currently flocking to the high tech mobile device and app world

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Pepsi cola maker Pepsico are heading into the tech business – from an economic perspective. However, it may seem like a bizarre move given the company’s historic position as a premier lunchbox snack and beverage maker. Huge brands such as the titular Pepsi Cola, Frito-Lay chips and Tropicana juice all are trademarks of the company.

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Historic marketing partnerships have also existed between Pepsico and speaker and television maker Bang & Olufson as well as footwear fashionistas Del Toro during the last year. Investment by the company is seemingly on the rise.

As for phones and electronic devices, Pepsi have more or less stayed in the business of vending and food related products and machines to date. The upcoming phone from the company is heading straight to the rapidly expanding Chinese market – with spokespersons for the company saying a licensed partner market the handset as well as accessories and apparel.

Pepsico explicitly stated they would not be manufacturing the phone themselves – the electronics manufacturing business has recently become known for spawning notorious ethics scandals and as such remains a difficult area to enter for big companies looking to keep a clean record in the eyes of the media and international community. No manufacturing details have as of yet been released.

Scandals aside, the new ‘Pepsi P1’ has been described as a “decent but not high specs” device by tech site Mobipicker. A rumored 200 US dollar price tag has been floated around by various outlets since the announcement.

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It’s debatable whether a Pepsi smartphone will also eventually emerge in the US or Europe. It’s up in the air whether the attempt to enter the Chinese market is a precursor to a worldwide release, or if it’s simply an expansion of the company into a market with electronics in high demand with a relevant product.

We’ll keep you updated if a Pepsi Cola phone will be appearing in the near future – the device is said to be hitting the Chinese market in mid October.

Via: Reuters

Via: Techspot