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Comet stores close after today – 50% off savings to be had, if you’re lucky


UK retail chain Comet is officially closing its door today for the last time as the firm has finished its everything must go closing sale, ending yet another staple store of the high street for good.

Comet has been in the midst of a closing down sale for the last month, and only 49 of Comet’s 236 stores made it to this stage. The company was able to offer huge discounts on existing stock of electrical equipment, although many customers found there to be little available in stores.

The remaining stores will continue business until the end of today, so if you are lucky enough to be near one of the 49 remaining store then pop on down and see if you can grab a bargain as you can get 50% off everything (unless it’s a TV, laptop or Apple products, which are all excluded!)

This is not the first item that Comet has been in the news for the wrong reasons as the company was sold for just £2 back in 2011 to be re-infused with investors’ money from OpCapita, but this seemed to be in vain as just a year later the firm is closing.

The BBC is reporting that the Comet brand may still live on, as reportedly there is interest in selling under the Comet name and brand for online retail companies.

The fallout of Comet closing will also be the hefty bill left on UK taxpayers as the company has left a £49.4m bill for unpaid redundancy, and tax payments will have to be picked up by the US via a tax bailout.

With Comet’s closing and closing a few months ago it seems the high-street electrical shop is finally in the last stages of its life, but with supermarkets picking up where the chains have left off there is still some chance to browse and look at your future purchases before buying.