Comixology Pulls Free Marvel Comics Offer After Readers Smash Server!

Comixology has temporarily suspended downloads of all Marvel comics to its popular mobile and tablet app after an unanticipated influx of ‘true believers’ crashed the software. This followed the announcement that the popular U.S publisher would be offering more than 700 free digital editions including The Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men and The Avengers titles.

Marvel dropped its bombshell on Sunday during its appearance at the annual SXSW entertainment fest, with the 700+ hundred first issues becoming instantly available through the Comixology app until Tuesday the 12th of March. Within hours, the server hosting all these highly desirable downloads was smashed by the Hulk sized demand for free comics and the software became unavailable for a whole day.

This left fans of not only Marvel comics but other publishers such as DC, Dark Horse and Image left without their reads. Not only were readers missing out on the latest action but rival comic companies were not pleased at losing out financially, since digital downloading is becoming a real money maker and titles are more easily accessible than comics off the shelf.

Comixology took a clobbering, but is back online now. However, the Marvel deal has been pulled until further notice with an extension on the 700 books expected to be offered to make up for the down time.

The Comixology app is free to download on Android and Apple iOS devices with digital copies of thousands of fans favourite comics new and old available, starting at around £1.99.