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Commodore 64 to return as Windows 7 PC

Commodore are bringing back their retro Commodore 64 PC back in a big way, stuffing the original keyboard and shell with modern PC parts to make a Windows 7 PC.

Crammed into that taupe coloured case will be an 1.8GHz Intel D525 processor, Intel NM10 chipset and Nvidia ION 2 Graphics, up to 4GB RAM, Realtek 6-channel audio and space for two SATA 2 hard drives.

All the regular PC ports can be found at the back of the case, including USB 2.0, VGA and audio. A memory card reader and CD drive are located on the side of the case to round off the specs list.

The original Commodore 64 was an 8-bit machine released way back in 1982, and was one of the original personal computers. It packed a massive 64KB of memory, and gained a cult following thanks to a series of games such as California Games.

Commodore are already taking orders for the new ‘C64x’, which will be priced at $595/£364. We expect the C64x to start shipping late May/early June.

Does the Commodore 64x bring back geeky childhood memories enough for you to get one? Let us know via Twitter!