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Component Leak Reveals iPhone 5S Will Include Apple’s A7 Quad-core Processor

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Apple’s iPhone 5 is set to get the obligatory ‘S’ treatment later this year upgrading the internals but keeping the familiar aesthetics on the outside. A newly leaked photo has now revealed that the next incremental upgrade before a fully revised iPhone 6 will feature Apple’s very own A7 processor which packs quad-core equivalent processing.

The snapshot outted by the iOS Doc website shows the guts of the gadget laid bare but nobody has actually clocked the processor speeds of Apple’s new A7 SGX554MP4 GPU chipset. What is for certain is that buyers of the upcoming iPhone 5S smartphone will definitely be getting a big step up on the current model iPhone 5 which features last season’s A6 processor – a 1.3GHz dual-core offering.

Current info surrounding the iPhone 5’s slightly superior sibling is sparse but it’s also said to feature 2GB of RAM and from earlier leaks of speaker components it’ll be a fair bit slimmer than the future iPhone 6.

The iPhone 5S is expected to arrive in June.


As an amusing footnote, technology titan Apple has received a big slap in the face by a Brazilian consumer electronics firm after the small Manaus based company Gradiente (which employees only around 18,400 staff compared to Apple’s 72,800) was recently allowed to release its Android based ‘iphone’ in the country!

Due to the choice of lower case lettering used and that fact that Gradiente actually patented in the name the year 2000, Apple could lay no claim – but of course is seeking to fight this in the courtroom.