Data Collection – No Such Thing As Too Much Data?

Data collection, becoming as normal as rubbish collection. Similar in many ways yet the former focuses fully on recycling. Every company or app wants that information from you. It feels like that anyway.

How did it all come about? Always with small steps come great changes.

Switching from a home phone to a mobile, a small habitual change yet a huge change in lifestyle.

It is, after all, the small changes that we do not notice. Those tiny adjustments for a better life that slowly erode away privacy. For every gain you make, time management or otherwise, there will be a counter opposite through data given.

As a society, a large percentage seem content to have a listening device in every room. That’s all it does while not in use, it Just listens.

There are also cameras everywhere you go, this is another small slow change. From no cameras to everywhere. The everywhere did not happen over night either.

To show my age a little here. As a child, the only times I ever noticed a security camera was generally in places you should not be. Today we are being filmed just relaxing, having a coffee or walking in the park. Cameras are everywhere, and, seemingly accepted.

Data Collection

Data collection is something hard to stop in the digital age. All you can do is hinder and minimise its gains where your information is concerned. Use a privacy focused browser for one thing. Be aware of the drawbacks on that app you are about to install…etc.

As we move further into an integrated digital society, the most valuable commodity is data.

Personally i keep my data to a minimum online and rarely use my own name when signing up for sites. Just because you have friends or relatives on a site or app does not mean it is trustworthy. The most it could mean is your family and friends don’t worry about their data being used or abused as highly as you do. There are also apps you can use that focus on privacy. You can find any number of ways to increase the privacy of your own data online. 

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