Destiny, Titanfall Both Delayed By Developers

Here comes a piece of news that may be hard to swallow for fans of sci-fi action games, both the long anticipated Destiny and mech epic Titanfall have been delayed by their respective developers, Bungie and Bluepoint. Both titles are slated to be ‘a big deal’ by the gaming community, especially Bungie’s upcoming shooter Destiny, which has been rumoured and speculated about more times than one can count.

Destiny is now going to be released for Beta ‘this summer’, says Activision Head Of Publishing and CEO, Eric Hirshberg, as opposed to the tentative ‘early 2014’ beta release date, which has been thrown around recently. However, Hirshberg has high hopes for Destiny, revealing a date for the full, non-beta, release of the game on September 9 on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360

“We believe Destiny could be Activision Publishing’s third billion-dollar franchise, and we’re working hard to make it the biggest new IP launch in video game history.” Were Hirshberg’s words regarding the launch of Destiny.

As for Titanfall, a small delay in the release of the Xbox 360 version has been announced, with this delay pushing the 360 release back 2 weeks to March 25th, as opposed to the Xbox One release of March 11th. As if that wasn’t annoying enough, the game is set to be Beta tested on the Xbox One and PC only, with 360 owners sadly left out in the cold with no Beta.

Both games boast hours of sci-fi fun to be had, whether it be waging gargantuan warfare with Titanfall’s titular Titans, enormous fighting battle bots which may remind some of the godlike Titans of Warhammer 40000, or exploring the mysterious in Destiny. Rumor has Destiny pegged as a class-based sci-fi/fantasy co-op epic, featuring huge rolling tracts of land to explore, MMO-inspired timed events, and lots of guns. Have a look, the truth is out there.

Destiny and Titanfall are coming this year, as you may have read above, with the Titanfall release ‘falling’ first in March.