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Developer Creates Mari0, a Brilliant Mashup of Super Mario Bros. and Portal

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If you had planned on making your Tuesday a productive one, I suggest you close your browser right now, and step away from the computer. If you’ve got plenty of time to kill, however, read on to learn about Mari0, an awesome mashup of Super Mario Bros. and Portal.

Developer (read: Genius) Maurice Guegan has rebuilt the original Super Mario Bros. from the ground up for PC, Mac and Linux, just so you can use the Portal gun from Valve’s popular title. Now Mario can run and jump his way through every level with a gun that shoots portals into pretty much anything, which makes the game infinitely more fun – something we didn’t think was possible.

Although it may make some aspects of the game much easier, the fun of shooting a portal so that you exit above a Koopa and land on it is priceless. The game even has a 4-player simultaneous co-op mode, 33 different hats for Mario to wear, downloadable map packs and game modifiers to throw in even more fun.

You can download versions of Mari0 right now, completely free, for Windows, Linux and Mac. We have warned you that productivity will go straight out the Window, and Gadget Helpline cannot be held responsible for any side effects, which may include losing your job, getting an E in your coursework, not finishing that assignment, or blurry eyes from trying to complete the game in one sitting.

Check out the video trailer below to see the game in action, and head to the site to download it now.

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