DNA Testing, AI & You

DNA testing is quite the thing currently.  Not exactly tech related, you may say, we say, see how you feel after reading. And, if you think this does not apply to you, think again.

DNA Testing – The Main Draw

Connect with unknown family and find your family history.

Both are completely valid reasons for wanting to have your DNA tested. 

There is also the ‘for science‘ crowd don’t forget.

There are a few things to consider before you make that decision though.

Firstly, if a family member has already had a test then your family DNA is already in the system. On top of that, your children will now be bombarded by adverts etc for the rest of their lives.
These adverts are slightly different from normal though. These are DNA specific targeted ads. Not just your children either; your childrens childrens childrens… You get the point. That one act of wanting to know more about yourself in relation to the World may condemn many people to this future.

Its not all bad though. Knowing their Great Great Grandfather had mental health issues will hopefully persuade them to take those pills that can counter the ‘possibility’ of the same thing developing. Pills of the future will have no complications, so, nothing to worry about there either…

The Tech Part

With the burgeoning Goliath known as ‘AI’ things will move much faster too.
Quantum computing will probably link many things together that we had not previously linked. All simply through the possibilities than can be calculated in an instant.
The time taken with multiple research labs working on something in collaboration will be shortened to exponentially smaller times as AI goes through many deep learning changes.

Imagine laying in the park on a sunny afternoon. Its a large park so your favorite spot is reasonably quiet and peaceful; very few passers-by. 

You hear a slight whirring accompanied by a robotic voice informing you that your Great great Aunt died of skin cancer and would you like us to send you a trial by the next drone? We have multiple options of sun protection for your instant purchasing delight…

Swarm Technology?

While the drone was speaking it had already sent your location to the swarm. Now every ad-drone in the area would have not only you as a target but also the particular spot. Looks like 5 minutes of peace was never going to happen anyway…

Maybe you are wondering how the drone knew it was you?

As you wandered your breath had been flowing through the park all the way to your favorite spot. Thanks to Auntie Marge’s test way back in 2019, It tracked to the source after making an instant match of your DNA. 

So, DNA testing, AI and Quantum computing. With 5G and cloud processing you now have the perfect recipe for the above to happen.

Obviously there are many good reasons to have a DNA test, there may, also, be a few reasons not to.

Just a thought.

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