Doctor Who Invades Little Big Planet 3!

The Doctor is about to travel to the one planet he’s never gone before. In fact, it’s a Little Big Planet!

That’s right! Characters and creatures from BBC’s top telly sci-fi show Doctor Who have crossed over into the popular puzzle platform game for PS3 and PS4 and they’ve been regenerated to look just like Little Big Planet 3 hero Sackboy!

A first wave of Doctor Who character costumes for Little Big Planet 3 is available to purchase and download now from the PlayStation Store and is based on the adventures of the Twelfth and current Doctor as portrayed by Peter Capaldi. As well as the Doctor himself, companion Clara Oswald is also included along with alien foes Skovox Blitzer and the Half-Face Man – each costing £1.69, or all of them can be bought in a pack for £4.99 with an exclusive Dalek thrown in!

As the weeks go on a wider selection will become available featuring classic characters from the Doctor’s history (or possibly his future?)

On December the 8th the Eleventh Doctor will take the spotlight, with Amy Pond, The Silence and Sontaran costumes also up for grabs individually. The exclusive extra for buying the full pack will be one of the Doctor’s most feared adversaries – the Weeping Angel.

Zooming forward to December 15th and Tenth Doctor takes over. Rose Tyler, Cyberman and Ood are available too, and the time-travelling TARDIS is offered in the complete set.

For nostalgic and retro Whovians the final pack, released on December 22nd will come complete with the Fourth Doctor who was played in the mid to late 70s by cult hero Tom Baker. He is joined by companion Sarah Jane Smith, Nimon and arch rival Davros, faithful android dog K-9 comes extra in the full pack.

To check out and purchase the first selection of Little Big Planet 3 costumes based on the Twelfth Doctor’s tenure visit the PlayStation Store today!



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