Doctor Who “Worlds in Time” MMO Game Now Live – Create a Character and Explore Today!

Doctor Who fans will be overjoyed to find out that Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) “Worlds in Time” – a PC web browser-based game featuring characters and themes from the popular Beeb sci-fi show has now gone live and is free to play from today!

The Worlds in Time game allows players to create a brand new companion for the Eleventh Doctor, as played in the show by Matt Smith who appears in the game as a Manga-esque sprite. Characters can be chosen from a range of races as seen throughout the history of Doctor Who and costumes are customisable to create a unique avatar which must travel through space and time with the Timelord, exploring and accomplishing individual missions, gaining credits and purchasing new power-ups and tools to better progress in the online adventure. Other familiar characters such as assistant Amy Pond crop up, as do vicious villains like the Daleks, Zygons and the Autons, in the game which has been developed by casual games co Three Rings.

Robert Nashak of BBC Worldwide says “From introducing beloved characters and progressive storylines to presenting additional guild play, our goal is to become the largest Doctor Who community ever assembled, while also being an enjoyable experience for all users.”

Playstation 3 and PS Vita gamers will soon be getting their own exclusive Doctor Who adventure called “The Eternity Clock” and for now fans can create their character and get started now at – GeroniMMO!

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