Does Your Smart TV Cam Spy On You? What To Do!

Smart TV cam spying on you? Need confirmation that it is actually doing this? Unfortunately, of course, we cannot answer this specific question. We can look into the issue though and give it an honest opinion. So, if it is an honest opinion you are after, read on.

One thing to remember is that manufacturers of the TV’s are not really the ones you are at risk from. You are at risk from negative minded people who only wish to find ways to defraud others. They look for insecurities and exploit them. 

TV’s have been considered to be watching us since their inception. This is a long known urban myth. One thing to remember is that your data is very lucrative to those who know how to use it. In light of this knowledge, yes your TV could well be watching you. The only real way to be sure is to remove the plug when not in use. Again this is a bit of a hassle. Not something most of us can be bothered to do when getting home and relaxing.

Smart TV Cam’s

When it comes to the smart TV cam, first, you need to work out what it has access to. This will give you an idea of what it can be used for. What the camera has access to depends on at least two factors; the operating system and the hardwired chipset involved with the camera.

The most effective counter you have for this is, of course, tape or Blu-tak. Not exactly the most tech dependent solution but it is 100% effective in stopping others using the camera in your TV to view you at home.

Another point of note. 

Very few digital devices that require interaction and improve our everyday lives do not have cameras. Take your smartphone for instance, a camera on the front and one on the back. How many times do you block these cameras?
You have just as much chance of being spied on through your phone as you do through your TV. The main reason is that most TV’s out there do not have cameras. Most that offer the option of a camera rely on the user plugging that extra device into the TV.
Again, the user has a choice in these instances.

Technology sure moved along some since those first early spy cameras. Cameras hinted at on films such as James Bond. Today the smallest cameras are almost to the point of vanishing from view. Keep this in mind when you are worrying about a camera in your TV. Cameras could literally be in every digital device and you would not know without taking them all apart. There are also cameras in almost every shop, on almost every set of traffic lights, pretty much everywhere. As we move closer to 2020 it’s almost impossible to hide your movements from everyone.

For personal home use though, don’t forget your blu-tak!


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