Dropbox and Office are Set to Integrate Following New Partnership

As accessing cloud stored data through mobile devices becomes ever more popular, it leaves little wonder as to why Microsoft have delved into an integration partnership with Dropbox.

The integration will introduce access to Dropbox documents within Office applications such as Word and Excel. The integration has been specifically designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and will allow the user to edit a document from Dropbox then sync them across other devices or back to their Dropbox account.

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If you have a Dropbox account and use Office, these additional features will be available to use without you having to do anything really besides update. But if you’re using Dropbox for Business, then you will have to have an Office 360 subscription to be able to access it. The Microsoft Dropbox integration will also allow for Dropbox links to be shared to an Office document.

Head of Microsoft’s Office Engineering team, Kirk Koenigsbauer “Access to Dropbox content popped as one of the very first [Office for iPad] requests that customers had. They want access to where their content is. We’re doing it to make sure customers have a great experience.”

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To get these new features, you’ll need to update your Office app for Android or iOS once the update has been released in the coming weeks. The features will also become available through Dropbox around the same time too.

Dropbox are also working on releasing a Windows Phone and Tablet version of their app in the coming months too. While the web version of the integration between Dropbox and Office will become available around the beginning half or 2015.

Source: Digital Spy