Dropbox Integrates with Facebook for Easy Social File Sharing

Dropbox has added Facebook integration to its website, allowing users to easily share files directly with a Facebook friend.

Users who want to share files and folders using their Dropbox account are now prompted to invite Facebook friends. Upon selecting this option the user will need to log in to Facebook to authenticate the account and agree to terms, and from there on you can choose to share content via Dropbox directly with your Facebook friends.

The move comes shortly after Dropbox acquired several ex-Facebook executives, and at a time when many companies are racing to get a slice of the action in the cloud storage market.

Dropbox is one of the market leaders for cloud storage, and already has a wealth of partnerships with big name tech brands, such as HTC, whom it has a deal with to provide up to 25GB of free storage space for new smartphone owners. The deal had previously offered 5 and then 20GB of free space, but Dropbox upped the offer to suit HTC’s new ‘One’ range of smartphones for 2012.

If you’re looking to get yourself your own personal cloud for file storage, the decision on who to go for can be tough. Dropbox was there near the beginning, but we’ve since gotten Apple’s iCloud, Microsoft’s Skydrive and Amazon’s own cloud storage solution to think about. Let’s not forget Google’s forthcoming cloud service, either.

Dropbox has already been connected with Google+ recently, and with Facebook now joining the ranks it seems obvious that the company sees social network integration as the key.

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