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Ducktales Remastered Release Dates Confirmed by Capcom

Following the exciting news back in March that classic NES game Ducktales would be Remastered and re-released this summer Capcom has now announced release dates for the return of Scrooge McDuck’s 8-bit scavenger hunt on a range of popular platforms!

Originally launched on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back in 1989 Ducktales Remastered refreshes the graphics with high definition visuals but takes nothing away from the original addictive gameplay! The game still features appearances from Scrooge’s nephews and other Disney TV show throwbacks such LaunchPad McQuack and it will take off once more as a digital download starting with Windows PC on August the 13th then will follow onto the PlayStation Network on August the 14th, Nintendo eShop for Wii U on August the 15th and finally Xbox LIVE on September the 11th.

The game will feature the classic five zones in which players must navigate Scrooge through obstacles and enemies with his trusty cane as a weapon and as a pogo stick when high platforms need reaching. The five levels included Amazon, Himalayas, The Moon and Transylvania where Scrooge faces off against main nemesis Magica De Spell.

To keep excitement flying high for the rehatching of this childhood favourite of many a gamer, Capcom have posted its first ‘Duckumentary’ part of a series of videos which will track the games development by Way Forward and will also be sharing ‘Travel Tip’ videos hosted by McQuack in the build-up to release day!

We’re also assured that the retro soundtrack will also be getting a reworking and as well as glorious graphics those familiar backing tracks will have never sounded better!

Ducktales Remastered comes out from the 13th of August and the ‘bill’ costing 14.99 Euros (GBP price to be confirmed).