Duke Nukem Forever – UK trailer released – The King returns June 10th!

A UK trailer for the long-awaited and hotly-hyped return of gaming icon Duke Nukem has been released by publisher 2K Games – heralding the arrival of the first full title in the franchise to blow up on “big” consoles in over ten years.

Duke’s been around since 1991 starting as a MS-DOS title, with a series of highly entertaining 2D spin-offs. In 1996 Duke got a facelift and a personality when he blasted onto consoles in his first 3D adventures. His movie referencing quotes and crude wit got over with male members of the gaming community in no time and “Duke Nukem Forever” has been begged for by fans for years.

The game went into production in 1997 but was disappointingly delayed several times after a number of developer hand-overs and legal battles to rival Duke’s own war with the space pigs. Finally the gaming grail was snapped up by Gearbox Software.  Release was also hindered by controversy over a “Capture the Babe” game mode – in typical Nukem fashion the play involved abducting and spanking female characters which was frowned upon by killjoys (boo!)

But now, what many fanboys expect to be the definitive Duke title is finally set for launch in the United Kingdom for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on June 10th 2011, and the preview hit screens during the FA Cup Final this past Saturday – as expected it has the male gaming population gripping their joysticks in anticipation for the return of the King!

For us old schoolers who remember the original Duke Nukem, and for those “n00bs” who need an education – Check this out!

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