E-ink post-it Notes by Microsoft

Move over 3M and others, Microsoft are moving into the post-it note arena, this ones eco-friendly though!

Designed with economy in mind, this e-paper display runs on bad lighting alone. It will never need charging and the office lights above your head should be enough to keep it going until you are bored of using it.

E-Ink displays can and do run on very little power already. This is the reason devices such as the Amazon Kindle can run on what seems like prayer alone for weeks at a time without needing a recharge. Be warned though, reading books via this device will be a struggle even Hercules would baulk at.

The clever folk at Microsoft have been at it again. This time they have come up with a prototype for an E-ink device that will never need to be charged.

Designed with an integrated low-energy bluetooth module and low-res display, this digital post-it can be uploaded to via your pc or smartphone and your note will remain on the screen until you send it another message to change the text or graphics.

As you can see from the picture above, this display will not be showing your favorite books pages anytime soon. It does fit into a compact case though with a sticky back. You can then annoy your colleagues with messages all day long after adhering it to their monitor.

This is not in production currently and may never actually reach production but it is nice to see a large company such as Microsoft attempting to make a product that is both low-power and a persistent solar charged display.


Source Microsoft