EA Access Coming to Xbox One

Monthly fees aren’t a new thing amongst gamers, as top MMO titles, such as the ever popular World of Warcraft, have historically charged players seemingly extortionate monthly amounts for the luxury of… endless horrible grinding… huh.

If you’re an Xbox One fan and you feeling like splashing out on something new this year EA has the perfect package for you, with the recent announcement that the massive game publisher is about to allow gamers to pay yearly or monthly fees to enjoy digital delivery of their titles and unlimited play, as long as you keep up your payments.

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Paying a monthly fee of just $5 USD or, for half the price of monthly fees, a yearly fee of just $29.99 allows users of the new EA Access feature to crack open the new EA Vault, a selection of titles available as part of the package. Unlimited and unrestricted access is the name of the game, with FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4 now available on the service as part of a beta for select users.

Another cool feature of the Vault and EA Access is the early access options EA have also announced. Games such as Dragon Age Inquisition can be demoed as and when they are available, allegedly up to 5 days prior to launch, according to EA. This also could mean some of the games from EA spotted at E3 2014 might also be available.

Another look at the EA Access main screen

There’s more. EA Access subscribers will also get a 10% price cut on EA titles on the Xbox Live Store, as part of what EA has described as a partnership with Microsoft, probably meaning that the service might not emerge on the PS4 for a while, if ever.

“This is something we’ve never done before and we’re excited to share it with you,” said an EA source in response to the announcement of the service.

EA Access has been billed for release ‘soon’ by EA, probably after the results from the closed beta come in and final tweaks are made. Watch your Xbox One for more info, plus of course a full briefing on the service is available through the source link below on EA.com.

Source and more info: EA News Page