EA E3 2014 Press Conference – Highlights

E3 is on a roll today, with blockbusting titles around every corner. Although we’re not there today, we have been watching every live stream we can, and are now pleased to bring you our highlights from the EA press conference. We’ve already posted our impressions from the Microsoft conference, and tune in later after midnight for our Ubisoft coverage, and around 4am for our Sony and Playstation coverage. Posts will arrive a few hours after the streams, as the next two come out at the crack of dawn and our writers get tired.

Anyway, the first thing we saw from EA was a pre-filmed video of the developers at DICE, the makes of Battlefield 4, discussing their ambitious new project, a revival of Star Wars Battlefront. What developer could handle this Star Wars themed class-based shooter, with vehicles, than the makers of Battlefield.

They discussed their heartfelt passion for the enduring George Lucas franchise, and showed us their visit to the Lucas Arts studio to have a look at some props in order to bring accurate details to the game, which will be released in 2015.

The stream went on to introduce Dragon Age: Inquisition, with EA CEO Andrew Wilson explaining to the audience that EA is going to “put gamers first”. Additionally, two other titles from Bioware were announced.

Going into more detail, Aaryn Flynn, Bioware’s studio head, detailed some of the fantastic gameplay from Dragon Age Inquisition, showcasing some of the features the game has to offer, such as some of the amazingly chaotic scenery found in environments, the dynamic controls which let the player switch between their hero’s abilities and use abilities, and of course the heroes themselves and their amazing array of skills.

Next up was a vision of the apocalypse, a new IP from Bioware. As yet unnamed, the trailer showed off several art design images from the new game, which is billed as telling a contemporary story for players to enjoy. No more information about it was given at the conference however.

Some artwork from the upcoming Mass Effect 4 was also previewed, showing the galaxy map usually found on the Normandy, plus a mysterious new protagonist.

New footage from the Sims 4 was shown, plus the game was given a release date, September 2nd. Following on from the Sims, footage from previously announced EA Sports UFC and NHL 15 were shown.

Another new IP, this time from Criterion, was announced by executive VP of EA studios Patrick Soderlund, which apparently takes the player “beyond cars” in what seems to be a racing setting. It includes motorbikes, boats and jetskis, and vast tracts of terrain. No title was announced.

So many more games were shown, such as footage from Madden 15, Dawngate (An EA MOBA from Waystone games) and a quick glimpse of FIFA 15.

DICE then returned for a look at Mirror’s Edge 2, which showcased the developer’s keen interest in further developing incorporating real life parkour into the game using motion capture. No release was given, but hopefully we’ll see the game next year.

And lastly, but not least, Battlefield Hardline was demoed, announced and well received by fans. Although the game was leaked a few days ago, the announcement went ahead anyway, with demos and gameplay show.

The game pits cops vs robbers in the most basic sense, but to be more complex, players take control of either well-funded criminals or equally well equipped SWAT teams, in a similar setting to older titles. However, tanks and fighter jets will take the back seat in favor of Police cars and getaway vehicles.

A beta for Hardline was also released today for PC and PS4, Battlefield 4 owners can access the beta from within the game. It’s first come first served, so hurry up!