EA’s E3 Lineup Looks Promising – Dragon Age 3, Battlefield and Star Wars!

This year’s E3 looks like it’s going to bring yet more amazing game projects into the light of day. Most promisingly of all it looks like EA is bringing more titles than usual this year, with six new projects confirmed, some new and some following on from hugely successful titles we all know and love.

Top of the list from EA is Dragon Age: Inquisition, a highly anticipated RPG follow up to Dragon Age: Origins. The series is highly acclaimed and well loved by fans, with the latest entry seeing the player taking on the role of the Inquisitor, a warrior/functionary tasked with finding out why a strange rift in the sky is causing havoc. The player must corral the land’s greatest heroes together to survive. The game has recently been announced for an October 10th release.

Other content from EA includes an as-yet untitled project running on the Frostbite engine, the software behind Battlefield 4. The current rumour is that this will in fact be the next Battlefield title, which apparently (although no concrete evidence exists currently) is going to be a police action shooter. Hopefully it will be more SWAT team than security guard.

Other confirmations coming from EA are that a new Star Wars titles is in the works, headed up by the creative director behind Uncharted 4. Hopefully we might be able to explore the Star Wars galaxy in more detail, Uncharted style (hopefully without the endless stream of random characters who constantly steal your treasure). The project is also being undertaken by Visceral games, known for the Dead Space series. Could Star Wars finally be getting a more gory, grown-up treatment?

Also expected from EA are The Sims 4, a next-gen PGA golf game and another as yet unnamed project. That makes six. More to follow when E3 takes place later on down the line.