eBay Issues ‘Fee Credit’ For Lost Sales During Outage

Following an eBay outage over the weekend the company is sending out emails to some of its sellers informing them of compensation on their fees during the down period.

eBay – the online car boot sale turned world’s largest online department store – suffered technical difficulties for at least seven hours on Sunday and potential buyers could not log into their PayPal accounts through the site. This meant many sales could not be completed leaving private sellers irate and retailer businesses suspended for a large part of the day.

eBay has now wrote to its members advising of their ‘protection’ and ensure that no important information was compromised during the outage, unlike a previous hack in May which saw passwords stolen.

The email in part reads:

On Sunday 14 September, a number of eBay sites and customer service platforms around the world experienced intermittent issues. When the disruption began – at 11:15am BST – our eBay Technology Team immediately began work towards resolving it. By 6:45pm BST that day, they had restored the vast majority of site functionality.

Apologising for eBay’s recent performance falling below expectations and a spate of technical problems, the humble statement informs sellers that eBay worked tirelessly to resolve Sunday’s issue and get functions working properly again.

But to make amends eBay is also able to compensate sellers who lost sales on account of the down time and a “fee credit” will be repaid into the account of those affected who had auction listings which ended during the outage. This doesn’t apply to ‘Buy it now’ or fixed price sales and if items were listed free sellers will get the chance to relist for free up to seven days from the expiration of the listing.

If you’re an eBay seller who lost a sale over the weekend we advise you check your email where you will hopefully find the full apology and how to claim your credit.