Entry Level Sony Xperia ST21i Android 4.0 Smartphone Leaked

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It looks like Sony Mobile is moving things forward quite quickly. The company’s popular Xperia range is most likely going to be expanded even further, as a new yet to be announced Android based device has found its picture spread all over the Internet.

According to rumours accompanying the picture, it would seem  that this will in fact be a budget handset. Now, I’m pretty sure that Sony Mobile have yet to release a smartphone that is an entry-level device, so the new ST21i as it will apparently be known, will be the first.

The spec’s of the ST21i are rumoured as follows: it will be loaded with the latest version of Android, ICS 4.0. It will have a single core 800Mhz snapdragon processor, an Areno 200 GPU, the ST21i will also apparently feature a 3.2-inch LCD with a resolution of 320×480 and finally have a relatively small 3MP camera with VGA video recording.

OK I know this is suppose to be a budget handset, so obviously will be reasonably priced with released. But even so, personally I would have I thought that the spec of these ‘budget’ devices would have improved a bit by now, or maybe I’m wrong?

Anyway, now we’ve started to see leaked pictures of the ST21 circulating the World Wide Web, it might not be long before Sony Mobile will decide to make an announcement and make it official so we know how much this budget phone will cost.

As ever, if we get any further info, you can be assured we’ll let you know.

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