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Eric Schmidt: “Google Nexus Tablet Coming In 2012”

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According to an interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Google could be planning to bring a tablet to market that will look to take on Apple’s iPad dominance in early 2012.

Speaking in a interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Schmidt said: “In around the next six months we will market / bring to market a tablet of the highest quality.”

This might be the biggest hint so far that Google is be planning to bring its own Nexus branded Google tablet to market – it’s a logical next step considering the continued success of their Nexus Android smartphones.

Well, the purchase of Motorola means they certainly have the capability to bring one to market and quickly. But, the deal with Motorola has yet to be finalise, so there’s no certainty that they could get one released within the 6 month time frame Schmidt mentioned – so could a deal with Samsung or HTC be in the works?

Schmidt was bullished towards the success of Apple’s Siri and promised that the search giant would fight Apple’s ‘dominance’ of the voice recognition market, with a rival to Siri.

He said “We have had, for a long time, the best voice translation software. We could use it to do things similar to Siri, but we’re not going to talk about unannounced products. But the technology we have, we must develop it.”

It makes sense that Google would want to play in the same sandpit as Apple when it comes to the tablet and smartphone market – but it will be interesting to see what Schmidt’s take on a ‘high quality tablet’ is.

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