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Eve: Valkyrie teams up with Oculus

CCP Games (the developers of Eve:Valkyrie) and Oculus have announced that all pre-orders of Rift will ship with a free copy of this game. This is great news to anybody who has already played the demo in VR and it is quite an impressive game.

EVE: Valkyrie is a team-based science fiction first person multiplayer shooter using virtual reality. As a player, you take control of a heavily armed fighter with the most realistic experience in the EVE universe.

Plugged by the developers as being the most realistic dogfighting game available on any platform, with VR technology putting you right in the cockpit. Visceral team-based action creates the most immersive EVE experience wherein every choice matters.

Full 360 degree action combat with almost limitless field of view and aerobatic manoeuvring. The combat itself has you taking part in epic team driven dogfights within beautiful environments. Cutting-edge audiovisuals allow you to experience Eve Online’s exotic distant nebulae and beautifully rendered artwork with a rich soundtrack to boot!

Not only amazing dogfighting in amazingly rendered detail but you can also grow your characters progression through ranking and reputation, this will unlock advanced ships, equipment and weaponry.

You will be able to choose the ships you fly and change their loadouts on the fly, each ship having their own strengths roles and weaknesses on the battlefield.

So, to summarise; with the Oculus, positional head-tracking lets the players actually look around the cockpit like in Elite: Dangerous and follow bogies as they rocket past your field of view.

At an expected price of approximately $400 and, of course, coming with already steep PC requirements, the Rift will be quite the investment and we shall see how well it gets taken on by the gaming public when offered with this amazing looking game.