Face Recognition for Android with Visidon AppLock

It’s not very often we look into a specific App here at The Gadget Helpline, but Visidon AppLock is one that I just had to share.

Have you ever wanted to lock down certain apps on your Android device; don’t want your sneaky friends having a peak through your phone when you’re out of the room? Well now you can have your phone secured by face recognition, so your phone only unlocks when your face is in front of it.

The app is developed by VisidonSupport and works by taking up to 10 training images of you and working out certain features of your face. The training images have to be face on with the front-facing camera and it is best to take them in as many different light sources as possible, allowing the app to get the best possible image of you.

What you can then do is set which applications you would like to be protected, for instance your File Manager, Gallery, Contacts, Messages and any other app you can think of. Any app or area of your phone can be made as secure as possible.

The app also suggests setting itself as a secure app which will then mean even if you do leave your Android device on the table when you pop to the bar, your friends can’t just go in and turn off the security app – you need facial recognition to get into the app itself.

The only downside to this app is that all apps need to be set individually; as it stands there is no way to set facial recognition for the lock screen, which would be amazing!! Another small downside is that your Android device needs to have a front facing camera, as without this it won’t work.

So if Visidon AppLock is something you are interested in you can get it for free now over at the Android Market, https://market.android.com/details?id=visidon.AppLock