Facebook 3.5 update now available on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

The Facebook 3.5 update for iOS has just been launched bringing along some much-needed tweaks to the popular social experience on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


Delivering the same friendly connectivity and chat as Apple gadget owners have come to expect, noticeable alterations come in the form of friend and location tagging in posts and statuses, as well as adding a photo of where you’re hanging out right now, this via a new row of icons along the bottom of your post field.

There’s also the addition of external linking, by selecting a share option on selected websites which will post an article or website detail on your own Facebook wall for all your friends to see.

But if you don’t particularly want to share with certain groups of friends, or want to keep some posts private from some members of your friends list there’s a new setting which allows you to choose who will see it, before making the post. Just like the recent changes to the web-based Facebook, and resembling the Google+ ‘Circles’ system.

Other adjustments in version 3.5 for iOS include improved notification speed, some fixed bugs in the chat, news feed filtering, a number of photo bugs and overall improved stability.

Facebook 3.5 for iOS is now available from iTunes and the Apple App Store.

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