Facebook account minimum age will remain at 13

Facebook will remain closed to under 13s – despite media speculation that Zuckerberg’s social empire would be opening its doors to the pre-teen demographic.

The minimum age policy for the world popular Social Network is currently thirteen and with nothing to cater for youngsters entering those awkward years it was suggested Facebook would start to begin to allow accounts to tech-savvy youngsters entering the social forum.

Disney has grabbed itself the “Togetherville” network which is a child-friendly, mother-approved introduction to the social internet aimed at kids 10 years old and under. The site offers parental access and control over features like adding friends and sharing content.

This is something that Facebook does not employ, meaning youngsters from the age of 13 can view all content whether age-appropriate or not. Disney’s offering, however is not such an appealing deal for kids 10-12 and a gap remains in the social market for that all important kid-to-teen demographic which needs to both cross the bridge safely and also offer a full social experience – a bridge which it appears Mark Zuckerberg is not ready to cross just yet.

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