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Facebook For iOS Updated To Bring Timeline To iPhone, iPod Touch

Facebook has released a fairly major update for its iOS app, bringing the new Timeline profile layout to Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Version 4.1 of the app is now available to download free of charge or as an update if you already have the app, from the Apple App Store. Timeline is the main change in the update, though there are plenty of bug fixes as well as some smaller new features.

The app now includes the ability to create friends lists and subscribe to pages, meaning that you’ll be able to subscribe your favourite celebs, bands and personalities from your mobile, rather than waiting until you’re at home to do so. Lists have now been added to the sidebar along with groups, apps and the usual navigation options. You can also select your own profile from the top of the list to check out your shiny new Timeline layout.

Facebook has altered the notification layout slightly, with notifications now appearing in a pop-out box, which at present seems to work much faster and smoother than the previous method of switching to a dedicated notifications page.

Despite the new features and bug fixes, a slew of users have left complaints in the comments section for the app on the App Store. The Chat feature has been updated with a new look, but for some unknown reason Facebook has removed the option to go offline, so once you’re on you show as online. The only way to take yourself offline is to close the application through the multitasking bar, which is a bit of a pain.

Other reviews recently added to the App Store shed light on several new problems with the app. Many are complaining that the app frequently crashes, is very slow to run and update, and that there are also issues with profiles not appearing online in chat. The average review rating has bombed from around 4 stars to just 2 out of 5, with nearly 500 comments added.

Have you updated to Facebook 4.1 yet? If so, are you experiencing any problems?

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