Facebook iPad app uncovered and shown off

Facebook’s ever-delayed official app for iPad and iPad 2 looks set to be released very soon judging by the information TechCrunch have uncovered.

The Facebook for iPhone app was updated over the weekend and to 99.9% of us, it seemed as though it was a routine update to fix bugs and improve security. The clever people at TechCrunch looked into the coding of the app and have actually discovered the Facebook for iPad app hidden within. They’ve managed to take it from the iPhone and port it onto an iPad and it works very well indeed. So well in fact, that it seems to be the official app which is ready to be released.

Facebook have always played down the need for an iPad app, saying that their website works perfectly on Apple’s tablet. From the many pictures posted by TC we can see how the app is set to look, and it looks very good indeed. The app’s layout is a mixture of the iPhone app and the Twitter web app for iPad.

The Photos section has been reworked and now resembles the iPad’s own Photos feature, making the app seem familiar to use. From the screenshots we can also see that Mark Zuckerberg’s team have worked hard on improving the Places feature just for iPad users. Opening Places now brings up a map to show where your friends have checked in as well as access to Facebook Offers.

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Source: TechCrunch