Facebook Messenger Adds Location Sharing Feature

Facebook has introduced a new feature to its Messenger mobile app which allows users to share their location with friends thanks to a handy map.

The map will become part of a brand new message when you select Location or More from the bottom of the screen in the Messenger app main screen. A preview will appear in the separate chat that can be expanded with a tap, similar to the way shared images can be enlarged and viewed in full, and it can then be seen in detail to show a local area street plan with notable venues and places of interest highlighted to help visually guide the way for your message recipients.

The map will include information and directions based on your pinned location but Facebook solemnly swears it will only give away your location when you enable the location services and give them permission to know where you are and this will only be shared this with the individual friend or group of friends you choose to share it with.

No background data is collected by the social network from the user either and you have complete control over how, when and by who the location is seen. So no worries that that one annoying friend will be able to find you or be waiting for you when you arrange a meet-up.

Full details of the Messenger’s new location sharing feature are available at Facebook Newsroom.