Feedly Down After a Second DDoS Attack

For the second day in a row news gathering website Feedly has been struck by a Denial of Service Attack (DDoS).


Feedly was up and running again this morning after yesterday‘s initial troubles which were caused by hackers holding up the service for money. Feedly reports via it’s Twitter that it is again being targeted by presumably the same perpetrators as the last time and has also announced the news on it’s WordPress blog which is fortunately still up and running to advise us all of the situation:

7:26am PST: We are currently being targeted by a second DDoS attack and are working with our service providers to mitigate the issue.

As with yesterday’s attack, your data is safe. We apologize for the inconvenience and will update this blog post as more information is available or the situation changes.


Twitter has blown up with support for the little news source which has helped many of us collect our daily digests since the retirement of Google Reader last year.