Feel Like Buying A VR Headset For The Holidays?

Buying a VR headset for someone this season? If you are in the market for VR and have finally decided to purchase some tech this may be the blog you are looking for. We have compiled a list of contenders. This list includes devices that offer the ability to play the most current virtual games and apps on the market (PC requirements will apply).

There are many apps and games for VR available today and the number is rising daily. Barring the PSVR, all of them should work with any content.

Current VR Headset Contenders

HTC Vive £599 (PC)

Occulus Rift £369 (PC)

Acer Windows VR £399

Sony PSVR ( Requires PS4 or PS4 Pro) £299

All four of these devices will suit your needs if you only require the experience of high quality gaming. They all offer the ability to play your favorite VR games without issue. Although the PSVR is the cheapest, it does require a PS4 to function.Of the three, the Vive is the most expensive. The PSVR is also the only one that will not work with Windows 10. Even with these points considered, I would not recommend purchasing any of them this season. 

Up & Coming

Virtual Reality will be undergoing a major change in 2018. With the likes of a Magic Leap VR headset announcement possibly imminent, and 5G on the horizon, it’s a shaky time to be outlaying that kind of money on something that may well become outdated a few months later.

If you have left it this late to get a virtual reality headset then waiting a few months longer will not hurt any.
If the desperation is real though and any kind of virtual hit will do then maybe invest in a Google Daydream.

As soon as any new devices are announced look no further than Gadgethelpline for the most up to date info.