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FIFA 12 Gamescom Trailer Released – Looks Amazing

EA Sports has treated fans to an early viewing of the gameplay demo video for FIFA 12, a couple days ahead of the demo’s planned unveiling at the Gamescom event in Cologne.

Fans subscribed to the EA Sports FIFA mailing list received an email inviting them to view the premiere of the demo video before anyone else this afternoon, and we’ve headed straight to the video like excitable school children.

The snazzy demo video showcases the new features and improved areas that FIFA developers have been working hard on for the past year, including the new impact engine and intelligent defending.

Precision dribbling looks greatly improved with more angles and directions to move in, making running with the ball feel and look more natural and far more realistic.

The impact engine makes for some really impressive acrobatic tackles and resulting “take-outs” on the player losing the ball – our favourite results in the recipient flipping mid-air and landing with a crunch – ouch!

We also learn from the demo video that the official game demo will be going live for download on September 13th, which should cover all major games platforms – PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Check out the full demo video below and get excited for FIFA 12!

Do your loyalties lie with FIFA or PES? Either way let us know what you think of the video by adding a comment below.