After conquering the world of professional wrestling, crushing the silver screen at the box office and becoming the champion of social media, FINALLY.. The ROCK has come to YOUTUBE!

That’s right, Dwayne Johnson builds on his superstar appeal and the millions (and millions) of hits on his Instagram and Twitter pages by launching his very own YouTube channel for his production company Seven Bucks Digital Studios. The studio will be used to broadcast exclusive new content for YouTube and its first feature has been teased in the very first video shared by the channel – a fantasy action saga called Ascendance.

After Johnson recently announced plans to launch Seven Bucks Digital Studios online the channel is getting ready to lay the smack down on July 18th with Ascendance – described as a “high-brow action film” in which “a young woman treks through the brush to discover the greatest secret of our time!”

From the trailer we can see what Seven Bucks is cooking, and the feature seems to be very well put together – containing some very lavish effects for a YouTube video and, considering Dwayne’s winning streak in Hollywood, budget is likely to be no big sweat.

This will be the first of hopefully many offerings through the new YouTube channel and in comments made at this week’s VidCon 2016 Seven Bucks said that the platform will be used to showcase online film creators who share The Rock’s “work ethic and drive to inspire, motivate and entertain.”

We’re excited to see what the Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment can bring to the table as a YouTube entrepreneur. He’s tackled everything but politics and if recent comments are to be taken seriously we could even see The Rock make a bid for the Oval Office at some point in the future!

If you’ve ever dreamt of being woken up by The Rock you might also be interested in downloading his very own alarm clock / motivational app – suitably titled The Rock Clock.

Source: YouTube