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Flappy Bird Creator Has A New Game Out

The developer of the notorious and frankly frustrating indie game title Flappy Bird has come up with his next game, which is available tomorrow on the 21st on the iPhone App store. The developer, Dong Nguyen, famously removed Flappy Bird from stores on the grounds that it was ‘too addictive’.

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After the game’s removal, mobiles with the original Flappy Bird installed have become somewhat of a commodity, with a handset with the game on it going for nearly $100,000 on eBay. It isn’t know whether the device was purchased or not, as the listing was removed, either by the user of by eBay themselves.

Meanwhile, the brand new game, known as Swing Copters, isn’t much of a departure from the formula set down by Flappy Bird. You play as a wide eyed little guy wearing a helmet with a helicopter attachment, and must avoid obstacles whilst navigating through a course. We still don’t know what the ‘swing’ part of Swing Copters refers to, perhaps some kind of swinging obstacle which the player must avoid.

Whilst the concept is familiar, it looks as though the features and level design of the game might be a bit more complicated compared to Flappy Bird, with the helicopter character potentially possessing more maneuverability, meaning harder obstacles might be included. Perhaps they may swing as the title suggests.

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Dong Nguyen has also recently released a sequel to Flappy Bird, Flappy Birds Family, which is basically a two player version of the original Flappy Bird game. It’s currently only available on the Amazon Fire TV device for the moment. The game has a family of three ‘Flappy Birds’ to choose from, the original bird, a lady bird and some kind of surly dad bird.

Sometimes this little guy just got too annoying, hence why he was pulled from the app store. Best marketing ploy ever.

As for the new Swing Copters, the game is going to be available on Thursday the 21st (tomorrow) for absolutely free on the Apple App Store. A small purchase of 99 cents will remove advertising from the game. Pick it up tomorrow!

UPDATE: We’ve found some footage of the game in action, which shows the nature of the swinging obstacles.

Source: TouchArcade on Youtube

Via: T3