Flaws in HTC One S Nano-Coated Ceramic Casing? Minor Damage Noticed Days After Release

Having had some hands-on time at the recent Gadget Show Live we can attest to the hype surrounding the capabilities of the HTC One range featuring latest Android, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – in particular the quad-core flagship  One X. Despite it’s impressive spec, the gadget’s display has been said to distort discolour due to flexing of the curved screen tech when gripped tightly. Following this unfortunate news, it’s the dual-core sibling, the One S which comes under criticism today over one of the model’s lesser mentioned features that could cause potential buyers or new owners to regret choosing this One.

The hardware of the  HTC One S features a new nano-coating technology, which through micro arc oxidation bonds ceramic to aluminium to create a supposedly more hard-wearing casing, protecting all the aforementioned good stuff the smartphones have to offer. No doubt, the materials in use on the new casing are light-weight and tough to boot. Ideal for a pocket gadget which gets a lot of use. But it’s presumed now that a design flaw is allowing slight cosmetic damage around the top of the HTC One phones around the join between the front and back sections – ruining an otherwise perfect handset.

As we said, and as you can see from the attached photo, the damage is minimal, but the wear in this example looks like it would on a phone much older and with a lot more usage than one that’s just a few days after purchase.  We know we’d be pretty annoyed if this had happened to our brand new mobile, which at SIM-free costs up to £420.

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