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Flight simulator 737-800 experience review


737-800 simulator

If you are one of those people who sometimes fantasizes that you are on a plane and a stewardess runs through the cabin and shouts:

“Can anyone fly a plane?”

…..then this flight simulator 737-800 experience review  is for you.

We, two GH executives, visited Virtual Aerospace for a 2 hour experience on the Boeing 737-800 experience simulator and what great fun it was, if not quite stressful!

We were greeted by Captain Sophie who was excellent and within 10 minutes of arrival were taking off from Gatwick!  We had 45 minutes instruction each with circuits of Heathrow and Gatwick landing and taking off. Flaps landing gear were all included, the wrap around screens and the noise of the plane all realistic together with the cockpit views. The plane was oh so sensitive to fly but autopilot was a dream! However the cockpit was real enough and the whole experience flew by so to speak. At the end we had 10 minutes of free fly with just us at the controls and we executed a good landing at Antigua airport in the West Indies-Our airport of choice.

This was excellent value at £60 each and we would thoroughly recommend this one.