Forbes Rich List Dominated By Social Network Giants

The latest iteration of the Forbes Rich list is still currently topped by tech founders and CEOs, with the Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg stealing a respectful 21 places due to his $17.5 billion dollar money pot, with massive increases predicted ahead of the newest Facebook music update.

The Zuck rose to 14th place over the Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who are currently in ownership of the 15th place on the list, with a combined net worth of nearly $16.7 billion between them. Google’s new Google+ social network is also set to raise profits within the company, mainly through Google’s all-inclusive advertising regime.

Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom (a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Inc.), Bill Gates topped the list with relative ease, chomping down another healthy $5 billion to add to his consistantly record-topping wealth.

The Forbes Rich list is always abuzz with the cash flows of plenty of our favourite consumer technology giants, with today’s list including Jeff Bezos of Amazon sitting at 13th place on top of $19.1 billion and Steve Ballmer of Microsoft in 19th place with a none too shabby $13.9 billion.

Although still a massive feat of cash hunting, the bottom of the top 50 list also includes Eric Schmidt, again of Google fame, and and eBay mastermind Pierre Omidyar, each with a frankly delicious $6.2 billion to their names.

I wish these social networking giants would get more social with their wallets one of these days. Some of us can’t even afford things outside the Sainsburys Basics range.

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