Fox announces Family Guy Online – Social & interactive Quahog coming soon!

Could Family Guy get any stranger when it comes to its cast of bizarre characters? From talking British baby Stewie and oversexed neighbour Qwagmire, to child-pervert Mister Herbert, the latest addition to the residents of Quahog will be you when Family Guy goes Online!

Fox has announced its plan to take the pop-culture referencing animation sensation to the net, by bringing Family Guy Online in a new social and interactive experience. Currently details are quite unclear as to what it’s all about. But what we do understand is that it will be an online web-browser-based representation of Quahog, allowing users to create their own character within the Family Guy world and interact with familiar characters and friends who also have characters. The online platform will be developed by Roadhouse Interactive who specialize in 3D social online gaming with beta expected towards the end of the year.

It’s no secret that online socialites love the Fix show (seen on BBC3 in the UK). Rarely does a day pass without seeing a Family Guy quote pop up on our Facebook feed. So the idea of actually being invited into the reality inhabited by the Griffin family and their weird neighbours is sure to excite the legions of show’s followers worldwide and no doubt make whatever it turns out to be into a roaring success!

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