Gadget Helpline’s Guide to Ghastly Gadgets for Halloween! Spooky apps and games for Android and iOS!

The Season of the Witch is just around the corner, so the Gadget Helpline has decided to take you on a terrfying tour of some of the frightfully fun apps available to make your iPhone, iPad or Android gadget ghastly this Halloween! Whether you’d like to talk to the dead on your Samsung Galaxy S – or enjoy some gore on your iPhone 4, we’ve got your back – Don’t get scared now..


By: The FORM Group
Price: £0.69
OS needed: iOS 3.0 or later

Don’t know what to wear for that Halloween party?
Why not ASK THE DEAD? Bringing the ancient art of Ouija up to date on modern iPhone, iPod and iPad gadgets this app features the classic board design with alphabet and virtual viewing glass. ASK THE DEAD channels the unresting spirits for “insight on life, love, money or being dead”. The app features three modes to be played with fingers guided by the viewer which appears on the touchscreen. There’s Classic Ouija – where two people ask questions to be answered by those on the other side, as well as a Guided Séance and Hear a Live Haunting!



By: MotionPortrait, Inc.
Price: £0.69 on iOS / Free on Android
OS needed: iOS 3.0 / Android 1.6 or later

Fancy looking like you’d just woke up on the set of The Walking Dead – but can’t be bothered with the hours of make-up to get you looking your undead best? Well fear not, or at least not until you take a photo of your face with the ZombieBooth app and let it decay your mug until it resembles a flesh munching monster. Complete with grunts and growls. Give your phone a shake or prod the touchscreen and your zombie-self will react angrily and transform into a more gruesome form! The latest version comes with new Halloween mode and improved user interface! (NB: Does run a little sluggishly on slower CPUs). There’s also a Facebook version of the ZombieBooth app, which lets you view your photos full screen and share them quickly and easily with pals. It’s work exactly the same way as the mobile app – only on your desktop PC!



By: Fling Soft LLC.
Price: £0.60
OS needed: iOS 3.0 / Android 1.5 or later

House of Horrors is a little classic cinema in your pocket, bringing a selection of classic frightening flicks right on your Android or iPhone. Vintage horror actors such as Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney and Vincent Price appear in over 75 full-length movies available from directors the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, Roger Corman and George Romero, all searchable via the app with cover art and summaries available. And the once you’ve found your macabre movie of choice it’ll stream (..or be that scream?) through the software, provided you have a suitable version of your OS and a reliable processor! If you’re using the iOS version of the app and have Apple TV you can connect using Airplay for big screen scares!



By: Rovio Mobile
Price: £0.69 (or free ad-supported – update free)
OS needed: iOS 3.0 / Android 1.6 or later

It wouldn’t be Halloween without an update to the Angry Birds Seasons spin-off! So Rovio has released a new version of the spookiest spin-off entitled “Ham’O’Ween”. It’s the first in a new 2012 Seasons range, which features all the feather-flinging pig-popping action you’d expect from an Angry Birds game with a creepy setting and musical theme with the addition of a new bird – the Puffer! Update your Angry Birds Seasons app through the Android Market or App Store to grab the new ghostly goodies!

There’s a small spooktastic selection to get you monsters mobile for this Halloween! If our Gadget Helpline readers can scare up anymore phantastic apps to haunt our hardware this season drop us a comment below – or at the Official Gadget Helpline Facebook Page!