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Gadget Helpline’s Mobile Marvels & Avenging Apps – Collect Cool Comics, Assemble Accessories & Go Super Social!

In just a few days a massive movie event almost 50 years in the making will hit the big screen as classic Marvel comic book The Avengers is released on April 27th in the U.K as “Avengers Assemble”. We’re excited to see the titanic team-up of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Hawkeye – who, to be fair, we’d trade for Ant Man and Wasp – but it is an Avengers movie!

We’re not going to complain too much about the questionable name change or line-up and all here at the Gadget Helpline are pretty darn excited. So we thought we’d assemble and share with our readers some of the Mobile Marvels, Avenging Apps and other Terrific Tech relating to the must-see flick for fan boys!

Augmented Reality Bringing Pages to Life!

Huge Marvel event Avengers vs. X-Men is hitting the shelves of your local comic book shop now and with this x-citing new series comes the introduction of super-cool Augmented Reality content through the Aurasama app. This app will allow true believers the chance to step into the fantasy world first created by legendary writer Stan “The Man” Lee as The Avengers embark on one of their biggest storyline battles of all time – a war against the X-Men!

Both teams were formed in the early 60s but never before have the Avengers and the X-Men gone head-to-head, so what better time for Apple iOS and Android gadget owning readers to benefit from a range of features that take us beyond the printed pages and the AR reading software opens a whole new universe of exclusive content such as interviews with the comics’ creators, concept art and the panels on the page will be brought to life in 3D imagery!

Marvel AR for Android.
Marvel AR for Apple iOS.

The Avengers are on the case.. for iPhone and iPod!

A range of ultra-cool, officially licensed Avengers and Marvel cases for Apple gadgets recently went on sale from PDP (Performance Designed Products). The fantastic clip-on gadget protectors come in a choice of iPhone 4 and 4S or iPod Touch size and include vintage-style comic detailing snagged straight from the original art from titles like Captain America, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, as well as some part-timer Avengers such as The Amazing Spiderman and Wolverine, these all by master illustrators such as Todd McFarlane and John Romita Jr!

For those more into the modern movie incarnations of the Marvel heroes, PDP has also just launched a new range of cases emblazoned with the logos of both The Avengers themselves and S.H.I.E.L.D in a stylish metallic design!

These are well worth checking out for any gadget packing fan-boy (or indeed girl) and cost $30 each from

Superior Audio Abilities with Capt’s Headphones!

Why not celebrate the launch of Marvel’s latest superhero flick by strutting up to the local multiplex in a set of these Captain America headphones? They not only pack a pumping beat but also offer maximum geek cred!

The headset, through Coloud, features the classic motif of Silver Age “Capt” and his familiar shield emblem on the rubber phones, as well as a sturdy headband featuring detailing of the Sentinel of Liberty in action and official Marvel Comics branding. The headphones connect to your stereo via a standard 3.5 plug with 1.3 of coil cable.

Coloud make a selection of headphones featuring Marvel icons, such as fellow Avenger Iron Man, X-Men favourite Wolverine and The Punisher and we’ve seen them for sale in HMV stores for around £40 and they’re also available from various online retailers such as and

If you want to rep the Star-Spangled Avenger but want to be a little more subtle about it, fear not! You can also find a cool set of pop-in earphones at only $14.99 (around £9.20) through for those times you want to hide your true identity as a comic book nerd!

Assemble Super-Friends on the Social Web!

The official Facebook presence of the “Avengers Assemble” offers an exclusive view at all aspects of the movie and gives us and our pals the chance to see brand new publicity shots and concept art, as well as watch trailers from around the world, sample the super soundtrack and watch the stars of Robert Downey Jr (Tony Stark/Iron Man), Chris Evans (Steve Rogers/Captain America) and those who play our favourite team-up as they hit the red carpet for the big premiere!

You can also download posters and cover pictures for your Facebook Timeline, be in control of your very own Marvel squad with the Avengers Alliance app game and check out the stunning superhero mural being painted in London with a real-time web-cam capturing the artists as they use their skills to complete the mission in time for the movie’s public release this Thursday!

Like Marvel’s The Avengers UK & Ireland on Facebook now – and also join the team on Twitter!

Many More Marvel-ous Comics for Mobiles!

If you like what you’ve seen of The Avengers – Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk – and want to expand your horizons in the Marvel Comics Universe there’s a handy official app which is free to download and allows you to purchase the latest issues of popular series such as Avengers vs. X-Men, Wolverine, The Amazing Spiderman and classic crossover events such as Civil War.

There are over 3500 digital titles to choose from each costing no more than a regular printed copy off the shelf of your local comic book store (average $3.99). The beauty of the Marvel Comics app is that you can grab the comics anytime, anyplace and enjoy them in lavish colours on your Android or Apple iOS smartphone or tablet’s screen with fluent animation between the drawn panels and pages.  Comics bought stay on your account meaning if you want to pull a previously bought copy out of your personal library it’s there to read when you want it!

Marvel Comics App for Android.
Marvel Comics App for Apple iOS.

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