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Gadget Inferno! iPhone 4 Catches Fire While Charging, Galaxy S II Explodes in Man’s Pocket

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It’s been a pretty bad week for smartphones seriously overheating and causing a stir in the gadget world; earlier this week an iPhone 4 overheated and caught fire on a plane during a passenger flight, filling the plane with black smoke.

Unfortunately for Apple, another user has reported an iPhone 4 catching fire, this time while on charge. The phone, pictured above, was left plugged in to charge overnight by Ayla Paulo Mota in Brazil, who awoke to find it sparking and emitting black smoke. Thankfully she woke up when she did, as the phone was a mere six inches from her head!

The phone was purchased in France and is therefore not covered by any Apple warranty in Ayla’s home country of Brazil; however we would expect Apple to take this matter very seriously, especially with it being the second such case to happen in a week. Fingers crossed Apple get in touch with the customer and sort something out.

Blazing Skyrocket

Incredibly, a third report of a new smartphone almost causing serious bodily harm to a customer has surfaced today, this time the phone in question was a Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, which is a smartphone currently available in America.

The unfortunate customer reportedly felt a burning sensation coming from his pocket, and when he looked down noticed smoke rising out of the pocket where his smartphone sat. When the customer took the battery cover off to see what had happened, the image above is what he found – any smartphone lover’s nightmare.

This particular model of smartphone hasn’t long been available for customers to buy, so we can only imagine this customer must feel gutted and perhaps slightly wary of using a Samsung mobile in the future.

Thankfully neither of these unfortunate smartphone owners were injured. Have you ever experienced a smartphone catch fire, severely overheat or even exploded?

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